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AAYNTK (All the Acronyms You Need To Know)


By: Carly Harris, Director of Business Affairs

There’s an acronym for everything these days- lol, gtg, omg- but acronyms extend out of the social media we use and into the media industry itself. When I interned at an advertising agency this past summer, I got my fair share and then some of jumbled letters I had never heard of before. I started keeping track of all the abbreviated terms I heard come up in meetings and before long, I had a list of things I wish I knew before the summer had started. Drop any of these terms into an interview and score some bonus points! The following is a glossary for all the acronyms an advertising intern should know before starting the SIS (Summer Internship Search)!

AOR– Agency of Record (lead agency for a large client taking most of their work)

B2B– Business to Business (marketing toward a business rather than an end consumer)

B2C– Business to Consumer

CPC/PPC– Cost Per Click/Pay Per Click

CPG– Consumer Packaged Goods

CPM– Cost Per Impression (cost per 1,000 impressions)

CRM– Customer Relationship Management

CS– Client Services

CTA– Call To Action (what do you want the audience to do)

CTR– Click Through Rates

IP– Intellectual Property

KPI– Key Performance Indicator (for analytics, must be able to be acted upon and must have impact on a business)

LOB– Line Of Business (directing toward one line of business when an agency handles a large client. Example- Coke may be the client, but the LOB you might be working on is Diet Coke)

LTF– Look, Tone, Feel (of an advertisement)

PM– Project Manager

RFI– Request for Information

RFP– Request for Proposal

RHR– Right Hand Rail (Facebook ads)

RTB– Reason To Believe (generally the key phrases of the message)

SEM– Search Engine Marketing

SEO– Search Engine Optimization

SOW– Scope of Work (specifics of what the client expects including requirements, deliverables, milestones, and end products)

UX– User Experience (how the user will experience when seeing the final product on an interface)

This is just a starting point for general knowledge before going into an internship. Don’t forget- when words and terms come up and you have no idea what is going on, don’t worry because internships are for learning- and google search is your friend!

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