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Enhancing Your Personal Brand Socially


By: Julianne Stanley

As the world continues to travel down a path that consumes the average person into technology, it is important to step back and think about the ways that our techy lifestyles can both help and hinder our professional selves.

When it comes to endorsing ourselves as professional students, aspiring employees, or even an applicant for a club, it is extremely valuable to understand the importance of incorporating professional social media platforms into our frame of skilled attributes (in addition to those social media platforms that we use for simply social purposes). Social media gives us the opportunity to show off a bit; it is a webpage all about you, so why not spice it up with some credentials.

Today, I would like to provide you with a few simple and easy tips to enhance two specific social networking sites. These tips may just give you the boost that you need when it comes to breaking free and standing out from the pack.

So lets talk Twitter and Google Plus:


  • Make a professional Twitter page in addition to your social page; you don’t want to be a deer in the headlights when your boss asks for your Twitter account in order to share articles with you.
  • On your new and clean professional Twitter, follow big companies, little companies, any company or organization that interests you. It is important to stay knowledgeable about your industry-your dream company may just notice you in return.
  • Place a link to your LinkedIn in your Twitter bio; include any skilled positions or leadership rolls. If a student, throw your major and planned time of graduation in there as well, you never know who’s looking!

Google Plus

  • This may be new to some of you but you should be aware of this latest up-and-comer! Make a Google Plus account today.
  • Google accounts give us the ability to do a multitude of actions in one place. Create a profile and connect with your professional contacts (a similar vibe to LinkedIn).
  • Share articles that interest you, post your writing pieces, and read the pieces of your colleagues. You can also share reputable projects and pieces of work.

So there you have it, three easy tips for spicing up your Twitter and Google Plus accounts. The clock is always ticking in the tech world, so best of luck and get to it!

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