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Winter Internships: 5 Reasons to Apply Now!

By: Emily Grabowski, Consulting Director

While all other majors across the spectrum prepare to go home to enjoy their winter break and the holiday season, communications majors are gearing up for the season a bit differently.  We are all well versed in the area of applying for summer internships, and even internships during the fall and spring semesters while we are away at school.  Not many communications majors think about holding internships during their winter break, and why they are actually extremely beneficial in terms of launching a career and maintaining connections within the communications field.

Here are five reasons why YOU should apply for a winter internship this season:

  1. This may be the only chance you have to apply your skills to real-world situations.

For most of us, we spend our summers working in restaurants or in retail, hoping to save up some spare cash for the busy school year.  The summer monthly can be very hectic for most due to traveling, working and spending time with family.  If you aren’t able to intern during the summer or even during the semesters due to a heavy course load, what better way to get experience than interning during the month-long winter break?

  1. You are able to stay connected with industry professionals during the middle of the year.

A winter internship enables you to network with even more industry professionals during the “lighter” season where companies are not only beginning to think about hiring new employees, but when the workload is not as heavy and there is more time to personally get to know the people you may be working with.  A winter internship is an extra bonus that can help you enhance your list of professionals to network with and maintain steady relationships with until graduation.

  1. Stay on the couch vs. stay updated with industry news.

As tempting as it is to spend the entire month at home relaxing and eating all of the holiday goodies you can find (can’t forget binge watching many shows on Netflix), it is much more productive and beneficial to do a short internship or even shadow a company in your area that interests you.  This is the best way to decide what type of company you may want to work for in the future. This wise way of spending your time will make you feel a lot better looking back on your break once you return back to school in the spring.

  1. The more experiences you take on, the better!

You should never miss an opportunity to learn new things.  With each internship, you learn new skills, gain more contacts and improve your communications.  A one month long winter internship could lead to a potential job down the road if you go above and beyond the tasks expected of you.

  1. Going outside of your comfort zone may pleasantly surprise you.

Winter internships are perfect for trying something you are unsure about or something that may be foreign to you.  If you want to experience a start-up PR firm but feel as though it may not be for you, what better way to try it out then doing a short, one month internship?  The amount of time allotted for winter internships is perfect for getting a feel for the company, but it isn’t long enough that you have to stay committed to that company or position.

 Although I have only highlighted a few benefits of obtaining a winter internship, the possibilities are truly endless.  Short-term internships help you network, stay up-to-date on industry news, weed out positions you may or may not want to take on in the future, and build upon your resume.  To get started on the winter internship search, check out and filter your internship search by selecting “Winter” under the semester category.  You can also utilize LinkedIn and use the Job Search tool to filter for Winter Internships in areas near your hometown.  For any other questions or advice about winter internships, feel free to contact me at  Happy Internship Hunting!

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