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Three Ways to Start Your Job Hunt Today


By: Amanda Della Ragione, Director of Communications

As a senior I am constantly asked the question, “What are you going to do after graduation?” Each time I politely say that I don’t know because I really truly do not know. As communications majors many of us do not know where we will be this time next year-it’s just the nature of the industry we chose. While many of my accounting and economics major friends have already signed the dotted line to their future, I am just starting to think about how I will secure my first job.

So what should you be doing this early out from graduation? Below are three ways you can get started on your job hunt today.

1) Apply to Corporate Jobs: Even though many firms and agencies will not hire this far in advance, corporations will. If you have any interest in these kinds of jobs, the time to take action is now. Start to send out your resume and see what happens-if nothing else, it is great practice for when you will apply later down the line.

2) Identify Your Network: Have you completed any internships? Do you have any family connections? These are questions you should be asking yourself at this stage in the game. Someone you already know may be the key to securing your first real job. Make a list of individuals you feel as though can help you and reach out to them to reconnect. Doing this now will put you in the forefront of their mind while asking them for nothing.

3) Expand Your Network: It’s not enough to reach out to people who you already know. Reach out to graduates who are doing what you want to be doing and ask for advice. LinkedIn is a great tool for soon to be graduates as it allows you to see every person on the site that has graduated from Penn State in just a few clicks. Under the ‘Connections’ tab go to ‘Find Alumni’. Here you will find that there are currently over 300,000 Penn State alumni on LinkedIn. You can narrow down your search by where a person lives or what company they work for. This is a great tool to find individuals that may be able to help you in the future.

By applying to corporate jobs, identifying your current network and then expanding your network you will be well on your way to securing your first job by graduation. Make sure to also take advantage of the College of Communications resources (make an appointment with Bob Martin, assistant dean of the office of internships and career placement, ASAP). Soon enough we will all be able to answer the dreaded question of what we will be doing after graduation.

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