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Why Confidence Is the Most Important Asset You Will Ever Own


By: Marisa DeGennaro, Account Associate for GEW

Many of us are strong, hardworking individuals who deserve mountains of praise, but we are all just one of many. It’s easy to get overlooked and it happens way to often.

PSA: It’s time to start commanding attention!

Confidence. I’ll say it again. Confidence. It only takes one person to believe in you to make your dreams of success come true, but newsflash-that one person is you. Confidence is a tool that will help you not just in your personal life, but your career as well. When people look past your detailed resume, one of hundreds that applied for the job, they become less concerned with how you are qualified and more concerned with why you are qualified. Why can this person successfully do this job? And the answer? Confidence. Confidence in yourself shows a future employer that they can rely on you because you believe in your heart you are an amazing asset to any corporation. Once you grab someone’s attention, your confidence allows you to become comfortable, letting your true personality shine through, transforming a piece of paper with lists of qualifications into a real lively person. However, confidence is easier said than done! Here are ways you can improve your confidence:

1) Dress the part

You know the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” Well they might as well be saying dress the part so you feel you belong. This will help you find comfort in the interview instead of worrying if you’re underdressed!

2) Assess your body language

Nothing screams confidence like a smile and a striking power pose. When we act how we want to feel eventually it becomes reality.

3) Self-acceptance

Make sure you are always the best version of you. If you feel there is something about yourself you do not like, change it! Confidence first and foremost comes from how we view ourselves so be kind and remember all you have to offer.

It’s time we stop underestimating the power of confidence and start commanding attention.

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