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10 Companies Looking For a Campus Representative Just Like You


By: Kendall Mar, J. Rose & Co. Account Executive

A key factor of finding success in the public relations industry is to gain as much experience as possible. PR students can begin building their resumes on the first day of freshman year. Anything from offering to write a sample press release for a friend to running social media accounts for a small business can make you more dynamic and desirable to potential employers. One opportunity that is present on almost every college campus is to be a student brand ambassador or campus representative. These positions allow accepted students to promote a company or brand through various marketing efforts such as: social media, peer-to-peer interactions, hosting events, and much more.

During my sophomore year, I represented Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines as a sales and marketing intern. In this role, I was responsible for endorsing the magazines and in turn stimulating sales of subscriptions. Every week, if I reached a certain number of sales, I was sent various beauty products and clothing items to use as incentives for potential customers. In addition, I was partially compensated for every subscription that I sold—not a bad part-time job.

Young adults represent an extremely valuable demographic to large companies. Many notable brands’ only requirement to apply for a campus rep position is for the applicant to attend a college or university. Don’t let an amazing opportunity pass you by.

Here are 10 companies that are looking to hire student representatives:

  1. Coca Cola
  2. Victoria’s Secret PINK
  3. BOSE
  4. Apple
  5. Adobe
  6. Universal Studios
  7. Under Armour
  8. Sony Music
  9. Oakley
  10. Red Bull

Being a campus representative allows you to gain great experience in marketing and verbal communication as well as the opportunity to add a distinguished company to your resume. In my experience, campus influencer positions only require a few hours of your week and are worth every minute. Take a few minutes to research your favorite companies to see if they have a brand ambassador position that is perfect for YOU.

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