Five Struggles of Being A Traditional Media Girl in A Social Media World

By Emily Pirt, Director of Staff Relations

I wanted to be in the communications industry since I joined the newspaper club in fifth grade. I was determined to be a hardcore investigative journalist, uncovering all of my school’s dirty little secrets. (What happened to Taco Tuesday? How often did the janitors really clean the pool? And what about that rumor on 10 a.m. start times?)

Jump forward about ten years. I can’t say much for my journalism career; I never broke any groundbreaking stories, and I decided to study public relations when I got to college. Nevertheless, my tenure on the school newspaper staff has given me an appreciation for traditional media.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as much as the next millennial, but there’s something very “Mad Men” about reading an actual printed newspaper. Here are five signs you might be a traditional media person stuck in a social media world.

  1. There are newspapers scattered all over your apartment.

It’s impossible for you to resist the urge to pick up the daily paper (or three) on your way to work in the morning. After flipping through the day’s news you inevitably come across an article that you want to cut out and put in that clip book you keep meaning to start. Or better yet, you find the press hit from the pitch you sent last week. Something always distracts you last minute though, and before you know it you have the Leaning Tower of Newspapers on your coffee table…and your couch…and your desk.

  1. You follow more news outlets on Twitter than actual people.

Even though social media tends to exhaust you, the one unexpected benefit about the 24/7 news cycle is that your inner news junkie side can always get a quick fix with constant updates on your feed. Also, your presence on social media makes it easier for you to follow your favorite journalists, giving you a leg up when it comes time to pitch stories to media.

  1. Admittedly social media can be a bit bewildering to you.

You know your Snapchat from your Vine, and you appreciate a quality meme when you see one, but social media is still a bit of an anomaly to you. It’s not that you don’t understand it, it’s just that you feel restricted by character limits, photo requirements and the pressure to get more page views.

  1. The only channel on your TV is CNN (and occasionally E!).

While the rest of your friends are watching The Office on Netflix for the 500th time, you can be usually found on the couch watching Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour slay the broadcast journalism game. Any time there’s a developing story, you’re virtually glued to the screen, with only occasional breaks to catch what the Kardashians are doing on E!.

  1. And finally, your phone probably looks something like this:

The growth of social media has turned the communications field on its head. It will be interesting to see what other ways traditional media outlets evolve to keep pace with the social media driven and technology focused world.

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