Facebook Reactions: Do You ‘Like,’ ‘Love,’ or ‘Haha’ Them?

By: Casey Adam, Account Executive of The PA Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association  Reactions have finally arrived. Facebook users can hover over the like button and choose from six different emoji reactions: love, haha, wow, sad, and angry…. Read More

5 Things to Bring to an Interview

Photo Credit: Businessinsider.com By: Alexis Komatsu, Account Associate for J. Rose & Co. Happy interview season!! As underclassmen are securing summer internships and seniors are interviewing for post-graduation jobs, it seems like everyone you talk to is stressing about… Read More

An Inside Look at HVC Consulting

Photo Credit: http://www.angelsconsultantsdoo.com By: Emily Grabowski, Consulting Director Although many people are familiar with Happy Valley Communications’ usual round of amazing clients each semester ranging from those in State College to the national level, few people realize that… Read More

Election 2016: Top PR Takeaways

credit: https://thejaggedword.com By: Emily Pirt, Director of Staff Relations It’s no secret that election years are some of the most profitable for advertising agencies, but there is also a lot to be gained from aspiring PR professionals, too. Presidential… Read More

Honor Your (Over)commitment

credit: http://www.psych2go.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/stress.jpg By: Mackenzie Liberatori, Account Associate for Penn State Residential Dining The second wind that a new semester affords us can sometimes be paired with a set of unrealistic expectations regarding our availabilities and levels of enthusiasm for the… Read More

Skills You Need to Succeed

(credit: http://dbhurley.com/importance-organized-desk/) By: Lauren Purisky, Account Executive for PSU Residential Dining Public relations is a competitive field. With thousands of college graduates entering the job search each year, it can be extremely challenging to break into the professional… Read More

How to Brand Yourself

By: Sara Thurber, Account Associate for the American Indian Powwow ~How to maximize your full potential in five relatively easy steps~ As a soon to be graduate (yikes), I’ve been to my fair share of interviews and spoken… Read More

Why You Should Be Excited for Super Bowl 50 as a Media Junkie

Carly Harris, Director of Business Affairs I’m not the biggest football fan. There’s nothing like watching the Nittany Lions play with 107 thousand other fans at Beaver Stadium, but the NFL is NFM- not for me. However, I… Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cover Letters

Credit: US News and World Report By: Neena Zona, Account Executive of American Indian Powwow Cover letters can often be a deciding factor on whether an employer decides to call you back for an interview or pass you… Read More