Why You Should Be Excited for Super Bowl 50 as a Media Junkie

Super Bowl Logo

Carly Harris, Director of Business Affairs

I’m not the biggest football fan. There’s nothing like watching the Nittany Lions play with 107 thousand other fans at Beaver Stadium, but the NFL is NFM- not for me. However, I love joining in and getting caught up in the antics and enthusiasm of the most watched television event in the world. There’s nothing quite like getting together with your friends, eating some buffalo wings, and getting in the spirit of some healthy competition. With those things in mind, I love the super bowl for the culture that surrounds it, and how players, celebrities, and brands have the opportunity to make incredibly powerful statements. As a media junkie, here are the moments that I’m most excited for:

Pre-Game Press Conferences:

Players, coaches, and owners all have big jitters before the game, but they can’t let on to it. Journalists will try to distract them by asking questions that have nothing to with the main reason they will be in San Francisco- to play the biggest game of their career. Just ask Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton, who was asked during “Super Bowl Opening Night” about his famous touchdown dances. One reporter even had the gall to ask Newtown to “teach us how to dab.” Newton replied with class, didn’t allow the reporters to bully him into extra fluff, and got journalists back on track to discuss the game exclusively. Well played!


As the Super Bowl is the most watched event in the world, a :30 second commercial can run upwards of $1 million! Brands always want to put their best foot forward, whether it’s Budweiser tugging at your heartstrings with last year’s emotional “Lost Puppy” ad.

Or laughing six years later at Heineken’s “Beer Closet” from 2010.

I’m most excited for Butterfinger’s slot as they have decided to pay players’ “excessive celebration” fines. They released a teaser with the extremely entertaining (not to mention loud) Billy Eichner.


Half-Time Show:

The NFL doesn’t let just anyone play on the world’s biggest stage. They recruit only top-notch talent, and they get to have a once in a lifetime opportunity. Powerful performers who know how to put on a show give their 300%, and something big always happens. Whether it’s Janet’s wardrobe malfunction, Beyonce’s power outage, or when Missy Elliot made an incredible cameo performance last year with Katy Perry, moments from the 15 minute performance will be all over the internet the next day. With Coldplay and special guest Beyonce at the helm of the 50th half-time, this could be the concert of everyone’s dreams!

I know I’ll be following along on my twitter feed for all mentions of #SuperBowl50, and I can’t wait to see tweets for every funny, poignant, or outrageous moment during the four quarters on Sunday evening. Whether you choose to get into the game and root for your team, or cheer on Beyonce and your favorite brands, be ready to talk about your favorite part on Monday because that’s all anyone will be talking about! Kick-off is at 6:30 p.m. EST.

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