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An Inside Look at HVC Consulting

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By: Emily Grabowski, Consulting Director

Although many people are familiar with Happy Valley Communications’ usual round of amazing clients each semester ranging from those in State College to the national level, few people realize that there is an entire consulting division that completes the HVC staff list each year.

What is consulting? How does it work? As HVC’s Consulting Director, I am here to debunk all of the myths and reveal how the consulting division runs on a day-to-day basis.

Each semester, through a very selective process, the few positions on the consulting team are filled depending upon the client’s needs and the candidate best qualified to help out that particular client. Usually the consulting team is comprised of the Director (myself) along with 4-5 consultants. Our consultants this year include videographers, graphic designers, photographers, and web designers among others!

 Although we assist each team and Account Executive with specific creative-driven tasks they may need, as a division we have our own group of unique clients that request work on an as-needed basis. We differ from a typical HVC account in that we may work with a client for a few days or a few months, depending on the type of public relations work needed.

 This semester we began working with Nittany Notes of downtown State College along with Sexual Violence Awareness Week, which will be held from March 28 – April 1 of this year. Clients we have previously worked with include Café Laura, the American Indian Powwow, and Green2Go, Penn State Residential Dining’s Sustainability Initiative.

 The consultants stay busy each semester by completing weekly tasks such as compiling secondary research and gathering SWOT analyses on clients and their social media presence. The consultants also write press releases, pitch to media, and create marketing materials such as promotional videos, PSAs, and graphics.

 The consulting team is unique because HVC is Penn State’s only student-run full service communications firm. Also, the consulting division is the only place on campus that members have the ability to work with multiple real-world clients and improve upon their time management skills, ability to follow through with a project and build client relations. Each consultant completes typical public relations work each semester, with a focus on the creative aspect of things such as utilizing Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc.

The consulting team always welcomes new clients on an as-needed basis, and all of the work we do is completely free of charge because it benefits the students and gives us an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.

If you would like more information on working with the HVC consulting division in the future, please contact

consultign team

Fall 2015 Consultants
Left to Right: Vasavi Pandey, Megan Canale, Hunter Talpas, Emily Grabowski (Director of Consulting)

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