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5 Things to Bring to an Interview

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By: Alexis Komatsu, Account Associate for J. Rose & Co.

Happy interview season!! As underclassmen are securing summer internships and seniors are interviewing for post-graduation jobs, it seems like everyone you talk to is stressing about interviews. Interviews are a good thing! It means the company is interested in you. Being prepared is a major part of acing the interview. Here are five things you should never forget to bring to an interview.

  1. Resume

While this might sound completely obvious, I’ve heard horror stories from hiring managers of people who forget this very important piece of paper! Make sure your resume is printed on resume paper and that you have enough copies for the interviewers as you never know if an extra hiring manager or two might sit in during your interview.

  1. Small Notepad

A small notepad will come in handy if you want to take notes or write down contact information. Make sure it’s professional and not one that resembles your middle school diary.

  1. Pens

Bring a pen for yourself to write down notes or fill out forms and keep an extra or two in your bag in case your pen runs out of ink or the hiring manager forgets to bring one!

  1. Questions

Always be prepared for your opportunity to ask questions at the end of your interview. Do your research and have at least 3 to 5 questions to show you’re knowledgeable about the company and truly are interested in the position.

  1. References

Have a little notecard with a list of your references, their relationship to you and their contact information. Make sure you have their permission to use them as references first!

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