Twitter Turns Ten

photo credit: By: Lauren Purisky, Account Executive for Penn State Residential Dining  Last Monday, Twitter turned 10 years old. Throughout a decade of the 140-character limit, hashtags and retweets, the social media platform garnered over 300 million… Read More

Eight Signs Public Relations is the Right Career Path for You

By: Caroline Head, Account Associate for the American Indian Powwow You love working on a team– Part of working in Public Relations involves working on some type of team. Maybe you’re working with clients to better understand where… Read More

Real Experiences. Real Results.

The How To’s Of Following Up After An Interview

As internship season is approaching, most people are left with the question of how to follow up with their interviewers.

5 Easy Ways to Revamp Your LinkedIn

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Lessons in PR with Kanye

By: Zachary Jones, Account Associate for the PA Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association We have all seen them – Kanye West and his infamous tweets. From calling out Wiz Khalifa, to declaring debt and commanding businessmen and women to… Read More

A Lesson in Public Relations: Beyoncé & Red Lobster

photo credit: By Sabriana Pimentel, Account Associate for Consulting  It’s every brand manager’s dream when a celebrity name drops or mentions your client’s name. If a brand is lucky enough to get this opportunity, they receive instant… Read More