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Eight Signs Public Relations is the Right Career Path for You

photo credit: JW PR & Marketing

By: Caroline Head, Account Associate for the American Indian Powwow

  1. You love working on a team– Part of working in Public Relations involves working on some type of team. Maybe you’re working with clients to better understand where they’re coming from or what their objective is. Maybe you’re working on an account team to brainstorm 100 potential campaign ideas only to realize you have to come up with 100 more. No matter the situation, you’re always engaging with people. You’re always collaborating and creating something wonderful with your colleagues and clients.
  1. You also love working alone– You love sitting down by yourself after a meeting and getting right to work. Your biggest competitor is yourself. You’re always trying to be a better you than yesterday. The job is never over for you. While you collaborate with teams on the bigger-picture ideas, you are constantly reaching out to the media and interacting with various publics on your own. You love getting people to see your vision. In Public Relations, it’s important to understand the value of being an individual in a unified team setting. Everyone brings his or her own unique benefit to the table.
  1. You’re constantly looking to broaden your network– Maybe you reach out to every professor you know for advice, or you’re the underclassman begging to attend senior-only career fairs. Even if it’s not in the workplace, you’re always down to meet new people. You’re that person everybody knows of or at least wants to know. Public Relations is essentially relating with the public, and you’re the best at that. You make friends easily. You’re easy to talk to, and you love getting to know new people.
  1. You aren’t afraid to speak up– Part of working in the Communications Industry is always challenging yourself and challenging the people around you to do a better job. In a heavily client-based industry, it’s important to always put out the best product. Maybe your team member says something nutty that you don’t agree with. Even if everybody else around you seems to think it’s a great idea, you’re the last person to go along with the crowd. You speak your mind and aren’t afraid of rejection. Rejection comes hand-in-hand with Public Relations. Sometimes people reject your ideas, and sometimes you reject theirs. Rejection is what makes us so resilient. Rejection makes us more creative, and creativity is at the basic foundation of any good PR Professional.
  1. You’re organized– The most important part of being a professional in any industry is being organized. Being a PR professional requires creating and maintaining contact with various clients, media professionals and colleagues. You write so much (whether it be press releases, PSA’s, pitches or just simple meeting minutes), and you can’t mix anything up. You have to be always be on top of your game and ready for anything at a moments notice.
  1. You love to write- You’re that person who would rather write a 30-page paper on how slow paint dries than learn basic chemistry. You love to write, and it’s your thing. You also know how to write. Stupid spelling and grammatical errors are some of the biggest mistakes you can make in the professional world.
  1. You’re a good communicator- You know how to come up with ideas. You know to inform people about them, and you know how to persuade people to believe them. Somehow you always get people on your side. You understand people, and you know what makes them tick. You have excellent written communication skills as well, but you just know how to reach people and make them care.
  1. You want to change the world- You are always the one to go above and beyond what’s expected of you. Being good enough isn’t good enough. You love the idea of creating something out of nothing. You love the magic of using public relations to change attitudes and perspectives. You want to create campaigns that completely change a company’s environment. You want to brainstorm with the smartest people you know about how to change the world. You don’t take no for an answer, and you are always looking to do better.

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