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Top 5 Things to Have in Your Video Bag


By: Megan Canale, Account Associate on Consulting

If you’re interested in videography or are even just looking to capture an event or moment and don’t know what essentials you should bring along, you’ve come to the right place! Throughout this post I will discuss the basic things that every videographer should have in their bag. So without further ado let’s jump right into number one!

  1. A DSLR

DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex. Basically a DSLR is a camera where its lens can become unattached. You definitely want a DSLR in your bag rather than a simple point in shoot camera. DSLR’s allow you to change out lenses in certain situations. Which leads to the next point…

  1. A couple different lenses

You should always have a couple different lenses on you at all times. I have a standard 18-55mm lens and then a telephoto lens in my bag. These two lenses allow me to capture images that are close and also far away. Depending on what you want to shoot you might go towards a wide-angle lens, or even a fisheye lens. Research different lenses and determine which ones would be best for your certain event, but in any case always have more than one lens in your bag.

  1. An extra battery

This is so so so so important! I cannot stress enough how important having an extra battery in your bag is. No matter how short you think your shoot might be or you absolutely know your battery is at full charge, still bring an extra. Things happen and sometimes one dies and having that backup is a relief in a sticky situation.

  1. Audio

It is important as a videographer to capture good audio levels as well and the built in microphone in the camera simply won’t get the job done. I have a rode in my bag, which is an external microphone that attaches to the top of my camera and records awesome sound. This microphone is perfect for events where you want to capture all audio. If you’re only recording interviews, than a lavalier, or lav for short, microphone is the way you want to go. A lav attaches to the interviewees shirt and records sound directly from them. Either way you go, always have some way of recording sound!

  1. A snack!

This is quite possibly my favorite thing in my camera bag. I’m often found on long shoots that can sometimes take all day and there is often little to no time to stop for lunch so having a snack handy is important. I sometimes put a clementine or protein bar in my bag and when I start losing energy I know I have something to fix my hunger!

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