Why Everyone Needs To Be Their Own Publicist

By: Marisa DeGennaro, Account Executive


When your personal information can be accessed through one click of a button, it’s important to be cautious about your public image; and if there’s one thing every publicist knows, it’s how to communicate the right message.


Everything has a brand, even you. A publicist’s job is to continuously uphold the image that their client wishes to present. So the first step in becoming your own publicist is figuring out what’s important to you. What do you stand for and why? By building a consistent self-image you are telling people who you are.

Bonus: this can help future employers figure out what they can expect, should they choose to hire you. Moreover, it can lead to other opportunities in your field of interest.


Public relations is all about communication. Publicists are tasked daily with producing concise and clear messages to reach their target audiences. By being your own publicist, you can communicate with potential employers through twitter, resumes, or even your own portfolio.

Pro tip: every PR practitioner will come to acknowledge the importance of following up at some point in their career. This can help you in interviews with things like a simple thank you note. This practice can also assist in developing a clear understanding between you and any person you need to communicate with.


Life is full of problems. The ways in which to handle them is a job for a publicist.

Take a lesson from the PR professionals, in times of crisis—don’t overreact! Instead, figure out the best path to resolution. Another course of action, clearly communicate important messages to involved persons and target audiences. Do not just ignore a crisis and hope for the best, because it can get worse!

By taking tips from the professionals, you can turn your own brand into anything you want it to be. Do not underestimate the power of public relations.

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