5 Ways to Boost Your Personal Brand in 5 Minutes

By: Neena Zona, Director of Business Affairs


Image Credit: The Huffington Post

Last week in my entrepreneurial journalism class, my professor was discussing our personal brands. As a senior public relations student I have always been cautious of what I share on the internet, but I have never thought about myself having a “brand”.  A personal brand is an overall image that you present to the world. In other words, it is very important. Here are five easy ways to improve your personal brand in five minutes:

1. Write it Down

Starting to think about a personal brand can be overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be! Sit down and think about who you are as a person, what you love to do, and how you wish to be seen to people that do not already know you. Think about information that you would use in a personal pitch. Start with strengths and passions. It does not have to be elaborate and can even be in bullet point form. Before you know it, your list will start to come together and give you a sense of how you want to come across.

2. Send a Tweet

Now that you have an understanding of your personal brand down, it is time to send your first tweet! Tweeting is an easy way to get yourself out there and show your personality and interests. It’s low stakes and very short statements. Also, it is very easy to connect with people through hashtags on Twitter. So find one that you like and go for it!

3. Unfollow

If you’re like me, you have had social media since middle school and would “friend” every person that you came across. Going through your friend list and seeing who it is time to unfollow will help you get away from the gossip of high school and on to more professional things. Make sure you are following and connecting with people in your field as well!

4. Research

Google yourself. You might be shocked by what you find. Hiring managers regularly search candidates online, so it is important to know what information is out there about you and if it reflects the way that you would want to be perceived by an employer. When I googled myself I found an old YouTube video of me and my friends’ dance routine from sixth grade. This is something that my future boss does not need to see. I also noticed that there was not enough of my personal work online, so I made sure to add more projects on LinkedIn.

5. Blog  

This one might take a little longer than five minutes, but a blog can be extremely beneficial! This is a way that you can highlight your strengthens and expertise in your given field. It also gives future employers a look into your creative side. Set aside a few minutes to start brainstorming blog topic ideas!

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