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Words You Need to Use More

By: Marisa DeGennaro, Account Executive for Penn State Global Entrepreneurship Week


Image Source: ShutterStock

It is time to stop neglecting these words!


“Why” is the basis of all learning. Especially at the starting point of your career, “why” will help you understand and grow within your industry and area(s) of expertise. Often, when you ask why enough times you will find a deeper meaning as to why something is the way it is. Advertisers use the 5 whys, a technique where you ask why five times, in order to understand the importance of a situation. It is fundamental to understanding. Next time you’re presented with a problem, ask why!


We often take credit for the good things that occur in our lives, but we rarely own up to our mistakes. We shy away from our errors, out of fear that they will ruin us. However, in reality they are so important to our learning. Any business you work for is going to appreciate your honesty when it comes to making mistakes because they are an opportunity to grow.

Instead of overlooking your flaws take responsibility and admit wrongdoing. That way you can move on and find ways to make sure that mistake isn’t a recurring event.


Far too often, we are too caught up in our lives to take a step back and appreciate new opportunities. Many entrepreneurs talk about this idea of “yes” as being detrimental to their success, and for good reason. Every opportunity you are presented with could lead somewhere amazing if you are just open to experiencing it.

Try saying yes to something new at least once a week and see where it gets you!


Words have power, and it is time to start using that power for good. Adding happy to your vocab will actually make you happier. By saying out loud when you are happy, or even just saying the word more often, your mind will believe it more and more. In turn, you will lead a more positive lifestyle.

Say happy at least once a day and notice the difference for yourself!

Thank You

A lost mannerism, we’ve become expectant of others rather than appreciating them for their efforts. Showing more gratitude will not only make others feel appreciated, but will make you feel more fulfilled. A research study by Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami, shows that saying thank you actually makes you happier by helping you to connect with something bigger than yourself.

Be more thankful and you might just get something positive out of it!

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