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Snapchat: Let Me Spell it Out for You

By: Stephanie Chasi-Asqui, Account Associate for PA Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association


Image Credit: BuzzFeed

In today’s fast paced society, consumers love media that is quick and simple…AKA SNAPCHAT! Seriously, what’s quicker than watching a 10 second snap or sending one? Luckily, the PR industry recognizes this and has snapped to it. Here are 8 reasons why PR professionals should utilize Snapchat!

S = Spontaneity.  You have the power to snap about whatever you would like in the spark of the moment. This unpredictability often leaves your audience wondering what creative techniques you are going to use next, adding a sense of surprise to your brand.

N = Never a Dull Moment! By utilizing Snapchat, your is personalizing you brand, so have fun with it! Create a story that can build a more loyal audience.

A = Abundance of information means that you can give your viewers lots of details. You can promote one of your client’s events and include the date, time and location all in one snap by using the geofilers and date/time functions.

P = Previews and behind the scenes are essential to providing your snap fans with an inside look. Also, it’s one of the stepping stones to creating a brand-consumer connection with your viewers and making them feel exclusive.

C = Creative opportunities are endless on Snapchat. You can play around with the filters, change your voice from slow motion to fast motion, create a drawing or use geotags. Whichever function you may use will add creativity to your story and most importantly, it will keep your followers entertained.

H = Host contests with product giveaways. Two things that people absolutely love are winning and free swag. Contests are the best way to interact with your audience in a fun and productive way. They can reply back with videos, snaps or even drawings.

A = Audience. As PR students, we are constantly told to define our audience. Snapchat allows you to do this in a very unique and personal way. By following your fans back on Snapchat, not only do they get an inside look at the product but, you get an inside look in their life too! Knowing your audience’s interests, dislikes and complaints through Snapchat gives you great insight that can benefit your business.

T = Time is money. You probably have heard this phrase countless times because it is absolutely true. Snapchat is the most efficient way to reach this on-the-go society because it’s quick, easy and simple for companies and their audiences.

So, are you ready to snap?

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