Top Holiday Gifts for Communications Majors

By: Katherine Morrison, Account Executive for In-Home Services of Central PA


Image Credit: Onward State

It’s officially December which means that the weather is getting colder, classes are winding down for the semester, and the holiday season is upon us. If your family is anything like mine, this time is also when they start asking you what you want for Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday you might celebrate. I’ve recently been talking with friends and peers who are unsure what to put on their “holiday wish list.” We all know things we “want” but, what about things that we never really thought about that could also fall into the “need” category? Here are my top picks for holiday gifts for communications majors (can also apply to other majors). Happy Holidays!

  1.     A professional bag

With the start of the winter months also comes the start of the internship and job hunt season for students. This means going on interviews and trying to look your very best. Last Christmas, my parents surprised me with a black Michael Kors bag and told me that they bought it for me to specifically use during professional interviews. I hadn’t even thought about asking for it and I ended up using that bag religiously during all the interviews I went on when looking for my internship last summer. It’s a great investment piece to add to your professional wardrobe. I will no doubt be using my bag during my upcoming job search.

  1.     A domain for a professional website/online portfolio

In today’s society, we live in the digital space all the time. This means that companies are also checking our social media, LinkedIn profiles, and other digital footprints online. So, why not create an online portfolio and personal website about yourself? It’s a great way for you to put all your work online and impress anyone that might be Google searching you. However, the problem is that some domain and portfolio websites can be expensive and not friendly to a college student’s budget. Asking loved ones to pay or chip in on the cost for you to get your feet wet in creating an online portfolio is a great holiday gift. This is definitely on my holiday wish list this year!

  1.     Registration to professional conferences/events

Now hear me out on this one, many college students don’t think it’s necessary for them to go to professional conferences or networking events. However, we’re students and I believe that’s the biggest reason to go in the first place! These events are opportunities for students to network while also gaining insights from professionals in the industry. One of my favorite communications events that I’ve been to is the PRSSA Regional Conference that features professionals from various parts of the communications industry. The Penn State PRSSA Chapter is hosting their Passport to PR regional conference in February 2017. A ticket to this event would be a great gift for any communications major. (Find more information about it here: http://passporttopr.com/) Registration costs for these conferences can be too costly for a college student’s budget, making them a great gift for any student that wants to learn more about their industry!

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