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Misconceived Notions About Leadership

By: Marisa DeGennaro, Director of Consulting


Leadership still means you’re part of a team, not a dictator of one.

Many times, when people think leader they think boss, as in “bossy”. And while a leader does various management tasks from communication management to quality management, their main goal should always be to grow a team not bark at one.

Growing a team can be daunting at best. As a leader, I can become frustrated when team members don’t give an assignment the proper attention to detail or just miss the mark in general. It happens, and everyone makes mistakes. It’s important to see a mistake, edit it, and then show team members where they went wrong and how they can improve. Your number one goal as a leader should be to care for your team members’ improvement and upkeep a positive culture. This doesn’t mean screaming or getting angry, it means kindness and forgiveness.

This brings me to motivating a team. My first day managing a team I expected everyone to be as enthusiastic and passionate about providing high quality work as I was in their position. The truth of the matter is that not everyone is constantly motivated to give 100%. Your team culture becomes imperative here! One or two team members who are energetic and motivated can encourage the whole team. Appreciation also goes a long way. Showing team members they are doing a good job might encourage them to keep it up or even go above and beyond. At the end of the day, a leader needs to constantly find new ways to keep morale high. After all, your team should be your number one priority.

Leadership also means management of crisis. At times your team might fail or things might fall through the cracks. Showing a positive attitude in the face of adversity, accepting responsibility even if your team doesn’t perform, and taking criticism are part of the job.

Leadership is more than just delegation. Instead, it takes an open mind and determination.

A great leader means a great team. After that, success will just come naturally.

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