5 Ways To Make The Most Out of Your Internship

By: Samantha Lassen, Account Associate for What’sPoppin


Image Credit: Pexels

According to a recent article in the New York Times’ Education Life, more and more companies are hiring internally when they need to fill open spaces. They are starting to draw from their intern pool, because they have already worked within the business and have an understanding of its culture and operations. In my personal experiences, interviewers stressed the idea that they they think long-term when hiring interns. This means that how you act/perform throughout your summer internships could potentially result in getting hired or not. Here are five ways to make the most out of your summer internship:

1. Volunteer to Help with Additional Projects

Although many times interns are typically assigned to a specific team or department, it is crucial to volunteer and offer help in other areas. If you have a light work day, explore projects that are occurring throughout the office and see if they need additional assistance. This makes you seem interested and eager to learn about the entire company. It also shows that you are a go-getter who is diligent and dedicated to the organization. In addition, it helps you form connections with employees that you may not have previously known.

2. Build Your Network Within the Company

While most internships are about eight weeks, it is important to get to know as many people as possible in that short period of time. Walk around the office occasionally and introduce yourself to employees in other departments. You can chat with them or set up an informal interview to talk about their department’s work. It is important to share your goals with them. You would be surprised at how many people are connected due to networking. This could potentially open you up to more opportunities within your company and outside of it. You might also explore an area that may not have been of interest to you previously.

3. Get to Know Your Fellow Interns

It is important to become friendly with the other interns within your company. You will be working as a group throughout projects, presentations and other day-to-day operations.  You can help each other grow and succeed within the company, so don’t always treat it like a competition. Your fellow interns will also be entering the industry or field of interest at the same time as you. It is important to network with these people so that every door possible can stay open. You never know who may know who. Plus, you want summer to be a fun and enjoyable experience.  

4. Be Diligent

When completing any work or task, it is important to put forth your best effort. Ask questions if you do not understand or need something clarified. You need to stay organized and manage your time wisely to ensure that you are clearly communicating and completing your assigned work. You should arrive to the office on time and stay for the full day. It is courteous to check in with your supervisor before leaving to see if they need help with anything else.

5. Show Your Passions

Your attitude and behaviors within the office tell your bosses and fellow employees a lot about you. Be happy to have an internship, because many other students are not as lucky. When you are passionate about something, it will show how much you love what you are doing. Enjoy your summer and learn as much as you can within these few short weeks.

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