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6 ways to rock your summer internship

By Shayna Rogoff, Account Executive 

With summer internship season underway, it is time to get down to business and start working on being a star intern! During your internship, you will develop skills, gain experience and have a great opportunity to network with people working in your field. To help make the most of your experience, here are six ways to stand out and be the best intern you can be.

Have a “Can-Do” Attitude

Employers want to work with people who have a strong work ethic and make their lives easier. Strive to always have a positive attitude, be involved and go the extra mile. Don’t just talk about taking on an extra task – actually volunteer to do it!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions  

As an intern, employers do not expect you to know everything about the job. From time to time, you will probably be instructed to do several assignments at once and you may miss a detail or two. It is no help to anyone when assignments do not get handled properly and time gets wasted, so ask right away when you are confused. Internships are a great learning experience and the more questions you ask, the more you will learn.

Stay On Top of Assignments

Make sure when you are assigned a project you jot down details and deadlines. It is easy brush aside an assignment when you are unclear on what to do. As mentioned before, don’t be afraid to ask questions when this happens! If a project seems overwhelming you could ask, “Is there a specific amount of time I should aim to spend on this project?” In addition, make sure to provide project status updates to your boss– don’t wait to be asked.

Stay Focused

Refrain from playing on social media and other phone activities until your lunch break! You are interning to learn, so devote your time to developing your skills and gaining valuable experience. Remember, social media is not going anywhere – it will be there when you are on your time, not your company’s.  

Network & Socialize

It is important you make a conscious effort to build quality relationships and make connections with fellow interns and co-workers. From the janitor to the CEO, make sure you exhibit a friendly attitude to everyone in the company. Interning is a great opportunity to meet new people you may never had has the opportunity to meet otherwise. Your supervisors and co-workers may be immersed in projects and deadlines and not take notice that you are new to the company; so make sure you take the initiative to introduce yourself! Also, try to take time to socialize outside the work environment, but remember to behave – you are treating the internship as a real job, so always be professional.

Ask For Feedback

Last and definitely not least, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback throughout your time with the company. This shows your employer you are eager to do a great job and improve yourself. In addition, you will discover what your strengths and weaknesses are going forward.

These six tips will set you on track to a great internship experience and potentially a full-time job. Good luck and happy interning! 

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