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Easy ways to prepare for graduation

By Marisa DeGennaro, Executive Director

If you’re like me, hearing the “S” word (senior) is bittersweet and a little scary. Suddenly, we are thrown into the real world of paying bills and finding a career. That can seem daunting, but planning may keep you (a little) sane as you end your college career.

Stay Organized

Searching for a job after college can be a job in itself. Tailoring your resume, researching companies and making time for interviews can leave you exhausted! Make the job search easier on yourself by staying organized. Having an updated resume and cover letter that can be easily tailored is a good start. Over the summer, take the time to map out possible companies you want to work for and do some research; be sure to take notes to reference back to as job fairs roll around. Maintain a list of application deadlines and networking events so you never miss an opportunity!

Manage Expectations

I am all for dreaming, and dreaming big for that matter; but, it is important to realize there may be some steps between you and achieving your goals. Probably one of the scariest things I have seen are seniors getting internships instead of full-time positions after graduation! However, it can be better to find an internship because of the better insight you’ll gain of what a full-time position with that company will look like (not to mention it’ll make your chances greater for receiving a full-time position offer).

Look for Mentorship

There is a reason why everyone asks about the company culture during the first interview. How your company manages itself has a huge impact on your career. People are getting busier and busier, meaning there is less time for mentors to teach and enrich. Find a company that is capable of proper training and willing to make the time investment in you. Don’t forget, you are choosing the company just as much as the company is choosing you!

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