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Ramping up your LinkedIn with a blog

By Lara Good, Account Executive

Before my internship this summer, I never considered writing a blog for LinkedIn. However, it was one of the first things my manager suggested I do this summer when he assigned me to do a writing sample for him. It was a great assignment, and I learned a lot in the process about how to do it and the benefits of blogging.

Utilize pictures. Having an interesting cover photo for your blog increases the likelihood of somebody engaging with it. Photos or videos can also be used to break up the text within a blog.

Less is more (within reason). Most people on LinkedIn do not want to read a long, drawn out blog. Keeping it between 500 and 800 words will help you keep it short, while also helping you practice being concise and precise.

End your blog with a call to action. Keep it simple–for example, “Comment about your experiences, and feel free to connect with me.” This will drive up the number of people who will like or comment on your blog and you might even gain some connections.

Have a plan for sharing your blog. Know that when you post your blog it will appear in the news feeds of all of your 1st connections. When any of these individuals comment, like or share, the blog will then expand beyond your own network. A great way to get engagement is by reaching out to mentors like professors or bosses and sharing the blog with them personally. It’s a great way to foster that connection, as well as increase the likelihood of them sharing it to their connections.

The last (and most important!) question–what do you write about? Choose something relevant to working, your career path, your network or something that you could be considered an expert in. Personally, I don’t feel experienced enough to call myself an “expert” on anything, so I wrote about my current internship. I also learned that even though your subject might be general, it should be written from the perspective that only you could write–one of the easiest ways to do this is with anecdotes!

It may be scary to write your first LinkedIn blog, but it is great practice and great experience. Go write and connect!


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