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Why you should apply to HVC

Happy Valley Communications is now accepting fall 2017 applications for account associates. HVC is a great fit for any student at Penn State who wants to grow their communications skill set—here’s why:

Real experience—no experience necessary

If you’re looking to build up your communications portfolio, look no further than HVC. There are plenty of opportunities to do graphic design, writing, research, strategic planning and branding work—all for real clients. You’ll also learn specific skills from workshops and other firm members. Speaking from my own experience, I learned how to properly construct a press release from HVC before I learned how to write one in a PR class. HVC is open to students of all majors and class standings—including non-communications majors and freshmen. All that’s required to apply is a passion for communications-related work and a willingness to grow and learn.

Build your portfolio and your resume

Every year, HVC offers multiple openings for account executive positions, where you’ll get to lead your own team, as well as director positions where you’ll help manage the whole organization. There are also consulting positions available, where you’ll work on smaller client projects in a more independent setting. There is no minimum experience level to apply for one of these leadership positions (only that you’ve been a part of HVC previously in some way), and they look great to potential employers.

Professional growth

By being a part of HVC, you’ll have the chance to work on professional skills like networking, interviewing, personal branding and more. By building off of the experiences of upperclassmen, underclassmen especially can get a leg-up on job search preparation. At HVC we love to help each other out, and that extends to our large network of former members that work for major companies and agencies across the country.

Completed applications, along with a resume and fall class schedule, are due Friday, September 1 at 10 p.m. to Feel free to reach out with any questions to the above email address or on social media. We will also be available at the HUB lawn involvement fair on Wednesday, August 23 and the College of Communications involvement fair on Tuesday, August 29.

Account Associate Application – Fall 2017

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