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Thursday is the new Friday

By Marisa DeGennaro, Executive Director

Giving employees off on Friday is a trend that is gaining momentum in the business world and with great reason.

Employees are the backbone of every company, and as such companies aim to provide their employees with benefits that keep them happy. Giving employees off on Friday has been linked with increased employee happiness as well as increased efficiency!

When you think about it, this makes sense. If you only work four days a week, you get more time to unwind on the weekend; this may curb building resentment or burn-out. As you hold less negative feelings about working hard, you mind it less! This may lead to you working harder during those four days as you don’t get the chance to get sick of work due to always having a long weekend!

In addition to efficiency, there are many additional benefits to providing this awesome benefit! This new practice helps companies recruit better talent; with better talent comes better work comes a better company reputation! Moreover, the additional time off will help employees achieve personal goals like fitness, spending time with their family, and taking time for themselves!

The moral of the story is everyone loves a long weekend, and there are many positives to providing your employees with Friday off.

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