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Three great brands to follow on Twitter

By Lara Good, Account Executive (Martin’s Feed Mill)

Social media is a place for brands to connect intimately and consistently with consumers. Following brands who do it well is a great way to learn and get ideas. Here are three fun brands to follow on Twitter:


Whether you are a Starbucks fanatic or not, this is a brand to follow. Starbucks tweets engaging content that use fun on-brand gifs, emoticons in tweets, and hashtags to amplify their tweets. They’re a brand that stands out on your newsfeed. They are especially good at using current hashtags to join a conversation. A recent example is #NationalCoffeeDay. Last holiday season, they even started a huge Twitter conversation with their own hashtag #MerryChristmasStarbucks. Most of all, Starbucks is a star when it comes to engaging with their fans. They retweet content from their fans in about every fourth tweet!


Wendy’s is a great brand to follow because of their fun and sassy tone of voice. In addition to typical promotional materials, they also love to engage in witty banter with their fans and other fast food brands. Some fans just tweet at them to get roasted. This would not work for all types of accounts, but they have made it work for them.

Check out this tweet they posted in response to McDonald’s back in March.


As a toilet paper brand, a necessity, Charmin needs to differentiate itself through its branding. Most times you should steer away from potty humor, but Charmin is making it work for them on Twitter. They consistently make jokes about going to the bathroom. They also are a less conventional account because they do not use as many visuals in contrast to other brands; this is probably for the best though considering their product. Their feeds instead use a good mix of some cartoon images, retweets of fans, and their own copy.

What are you waiting for? Go follow these and more!

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