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Social media etiquette for job seekers

By: Kendra Paro, Director of Business Affairs

If you are a millennial, there’s a good chance you are on social media. If you are a PR major, there is an even better chance you’re kind of obsessed with social media.

Many of our parent’s age generation like to use social media platforms for everything, including things like political arguments which can get some people into hot water. Our generation has the opportunity to able to use social media in a smart way that will help us grow in the field of communications and advance our networking capabilities.

Social media has become so prevalent in all our lives–and because of that, you have to be careful what you’re posting across all platforms. There will become a time when you are in a professional setting and people you work with may want to be “friends” with you. Instead of awkwardly declining that request, make sure your profiles are in good condition for them to want to see.

Keep everything appropriate | You should never be posting photos/videos doing illegal or offensive things. This may seem obvious, but is often overlooked. If you aren’t 21, there shouldn’t be pictures of you drinking. This includes the way you dress and what you decide to caption posts. Try to always assume your future boss will see every tweet/picture/Snapchat that you post. Do they want an employee who is always cursing on the web?

Don’t be offensive | There is so much heat and discussion going on in the world surrounding a variety of topics. Everyone has the right to voice his or her opinion, but when deciding to do so on social media try to not offend another group of people. Being offensive to another group of people is never a good look on anyone! Once again, you don’t know who in the professional field you are going to come across in the near future and you do not want to voice anything that could harm a relationship, or future relationship, with someone.

Take advantage | Social media platforms like LinkedIn are meant for networking, but nowadays when everyone is on every form of social media, you can use this to your advantage! Someone of importance (i.e. boss or manager) may want to ‘friend’ you on Facebook or on Snapchat someday–use this to become better acquainted with them and impress them with your involvement at school. Instead of being worried about what they will see, use it wisely as a tool for them to get to know you (and like you) better.

Remember, once you put something on the web it stays there forever (even if you delete it). Also, who knows who will want to follow you on social media in the future so you might as well start thinking smart about what you post now!

Social media is a really big part of our lives right now, so do not let it get you in trouble. Let it advance you as an aspiring communications professional.

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