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Marketing to millennials 101

By Elan Fingles, Account Associate

Quicker than we could’ve imagined, millennials are day-by-day changing the way brands are approaching their marketing strategies. While mom & pop shops are slowly becoming less intriguing, online shopping is becoming the standard to get just about anything. With millennials becoming the target market for brands to create their stake in the future, it’s important to understand  the most effective way to market to this generation.

Where are millennials looking for their inspiration?

As the concept of vision boards falls flat on the surface, the very idea has shifted to Pinterest boards. Their ideas may brew from within, but the very core of that idea is often manufactured first from relatable posts, blogs, websites, or social media channels.

So what does this tell us exactly?

Strike your marketing at the moment of their inspiration. While their minds are hot, millennials are at a passionate moment where they’re looking for their next big thing.

What’s the best way to capture them in this moment?

Clever copywriting might be attractive to the creative, but if you’re really looking to leave a lasting impact on them, then a picture or video is going to send a more meaningful message.

Are endorsements effective?

Absolutely. Millennials want to see that the brands they are sporting are both unique and relatable. It’s an interesting complex; being unique and apart from the status quo, yet staying trendy with the latest fashion.

Choose an endorser of a similar age. They want to see that the brand they’re wearing is being repped by someone confident and well put together. It’s simple really. If the model is confident, then that brand will make them confident in return.

Most important of all?

It’s not just a brand they’re looking for. It’s a lifestyle. If you can show them a lifestyle attractive to them, then they’ll return by being a proud supporter of your brand.

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