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Transferable skills are key

By Sophia Nitsolas, Account Executive

As an advertising/public relations major, never did I imagine myself to be accepting a position in compliance for a bank during the summer of my sophomore year. However, this opportunity unlocked doors for me I didn’t know existed. I learned all about communication in a corporate environment. Before I had experience interning at a small PR firm, but working in a large company is very different because you are able to see how a company culture can extend on a wider level.

So, how were my skills transferable?
The department was looking for me to use my comprehensive writing skills and creative mind to enhance their reading materials to make information within them more easily accessible to the consumer. I was able to use the same cohesive writing skills I express in the press releases, fact sheets, flyers, graphics, etc. that I make for my clients in HVC.

What else did I gain from the experience?

Teamwork. Regardless, what kind of project you may be working on, understanding a group dynamic to make efforts successful is important.

Organization. I was put up against deadlines and managing a variety of tasks.

Networking. I was introduced to a variety of departments and challenged to understand how they all worked together. I met a lot of people. Everyone you meet you is an asset to your future. There is something to learn from everyone.

Overall my experience, at the bank was incredible. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone to an industry you might not have imagined yourself in initially and see what you can learn in it.

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