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4 Easy Steps to Help You Master Your Interview

4 Easy Steps to Help You Master Your Interview

By Kristin Carbone, Account Executive

Every interview is different and nerves build up, but it is important to go in feeling prepared and ready to put your all into it. Here are some tips to help you prepare for that big interview:

1. ) Research the company: Get on google and search the company. Read the mission statement, stalk your interviewer on LinkedIn and find those unique factors that make you want to spend your time there. It will help you become familiar with the practices of the company and you will be all the more knowledgeable!

2.) Rehearse sample questions: Rehearse, but don’t sound scripted. Grab your friends, call your parents and ask someone to go over questions with you. It is imperative to practice and have a general idea of what you may be asked. Go over the basic questions that everyone gets asked and don’t panic when one comes your way that you hadn’t prepped for – it’s all about being able to remain calm, cool and collected.

3.) Pick out your outfit: Make sure your clothes fit you, are clean, wrinkle-free and presentable. You want to make a good impression on your interviewer and look your best!

4.) Be yourself: Interviewing can be a grueling process and it is important that you remember to be yourself.

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