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The 3 Keys to a Great Elevator Pitch

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Hannah Moran-Funwela, Account Executive

Interviewing season and networking events are upon us – and you never know when and where you’ll run into that perfect networking connection. So, having an elevator pitch in your arsenal is never a bad thing.

The perfect elevator pitch is composed of three parts:

  1. Who You Are

Are you a student or a recent grad? Is graduation steadily approaching or do you have time to spare? Is your goal an internship or full-time employment? Establishing these facts upfront is key, it will allow recruiters or networking connections know exactly where you stand.

  1. What You Bring to the Table

Your experiences have allowed you to hone your skills in your chosen field – but you need to convey that to a prospective employer in a short and concise manner. Get your foot in the door and save the detailed experience examples for the interview. Pick out key tasks you’ve done in your work that make you stand out, you excelled in or you thoroughly enjoyed! These are a good way for the receiver of your pitch to understand your strengths and interests.

  1. What Makes You Unique

The job market is a competitive one where standing out is a must – what makes you stand apart from the crowd? Find your unique selling point and capitalize on it. Your minor or favorite club may be the difference from you landing that interview or not. Use what makes you, you to your advantage.

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