Making the Most Out of Summer Internships

Julia Pozzuto, Account Associate Internships can be intimidating. For some of us, it’s our third summer as an intern and for some of us it is our first. We’ve perfected our resumes, nailed our interviews, and turned down… Read More

This Bud’s For 3 – Ad Response

Cailyn McCutcheon, Account Executive Budweiser recently made an emotional splash. This past week, Budweiser released an advertisement featuring Dwayne Wade as he bids farewell to his NBA career. The advertisement capitalized on how Wade has used his success… Read More

A Little Bit About Entertainment PR

Natalie DeSouza, Account Executive One of the most popular and fastest growing sectors of the public relations field is that of entertainment public relations. Below are a few facts and FAQs about entertainment PR for those interested in… Read More

Why It’s Good to Play the Communications Field

Erin Campbell, Account Associate As a communications major, you are exposed to a variety of classes and resources. Some of these may be different from your specific area of study, but may be beneficial to expanding your skill… Read More