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A Little Bit About Entertainment PR


Natalie DeSouza, Account Executive

One of the most popular and fastest growing sectors of the public relations field is that of entertainment public relations. Below are a few facts and FAQs about entertainment PR for those interested in it as a possible career route:

What is Entertainment PR?

A lot of the time, it entails the branding and press release of celebrities, bands, or entertainment companies and agencies. The clients are those directly involved in the entertainment industry and you will often have to deal with securing events and media scheduling, as well as handling business affairs.

What Other Responsibilities Are Required To Be In This Field?

Some of them entail:

  • Pitching media stories and arranging interviews
  • Sitting in on interviews with clients
  • Collaborating with the team and coming up with new stories for the agency’s clients
  • Working closely with publicists
  • Generating positive press coverage for clients by developing relationships with journalists and coming up with relevant story pitches.
  • Working closely with and helping the social media manager

What Skills Does It Take To Be An Entertainment PR Specialist?

Great Communication Skills (Obviously)

Working with a celebrity means you will have to speak and write very often because the public follows your client and unlike smaller businesses or corporations, every aspect of your client’s life is looked at. No potential client will want a poor communicator spearheading their public image.

Good Relationship Skills

In the entertainment industry, having people skills and building good relationships is one of the most important aspects. Trust and mutual respect for everyone you deal with in regards to your client will help you build good publicity and help with media releases in the press with journalists.

Get Social PR Right

The social media industry continues to rise each year. It is important to stay up with the times and promote media releases, events, and conferences because it has been proven that the younger generation is starting to get most of their news from social media platforms.

Use Your Backbone!

The entertainment industry is demanding and will demand hard conversations at times. You have to be always ready and have a good crisis communications plan. Try to stay one step ahead of the media.

There are many opportunities to work in the entertainment industry whether it is as a publicist, PR specialist, or social media manager. Do your research and find which sector of PR will be right for you!

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