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How to Know if a Communications Major is Right for You

Colleen Flickinger, Account Associate 

“What is your major?”

This might be the most frequently asked question you’ll hear throughout your college career. Some students come to school with their minds already made up, while others take their time to try out different Gen Eds before selecting the right course of study for them. Either way, feeling confident in your major and knowing it is the right fit for you might be the most important factor along your path to success after graduation! 

  1. You love to write.

Although it shouldn’t come as a surprise, writing makes its way into just about every communications major. If you find yourself looking forward to writing a paper over taking an exam, then a communications degree is probably right for you! The written skills you will refine as a communications major will set you apart from others in the job market for the rest of your life. 

  1. You enjoy interacting with others. 

Just like the name suggests, communicating with other people is a large part of the communications field. If you are personable, like talking to others, or have a desire to get out of your shell this major provides many opportunities to do so. You can expect plenty of group projects, collaborations, and presentations.

  1. You like keeping up with media trends. 

In the growing digital age, it is important to keep up with the latest trends in the communications field. If you enjoy staying up-to-date on current events, the newest social media platforms, and emerging communication mediums you will find many interesting classes like podcasting, radio reporting, documentary filmmaking, and writing for magazines and newspapers within the College of Communications. 

  1. You are open to less traditional career paths. 

As a communications major, the job opportunities after graduation can be extremely varied. The ability to communicate one’s ideas, either verbally or through writing, is a skill that nearly every employer is looking for. This allows communications majors to find work in many different fields. With this in mind, it takes a certain amount of internal motivation to put in the work to seek out these positions. 

  1. You are willing to search for multiple internships before graduation. 

Since job opportunities for communications majors are so varied, it can be very helpful to complete multiple internships or similar professional experiences before graduating to help narrow one’s interests. This will allow you to not only figure out what you’re passionate about, but it also helps you figure out what you don’t enjoy, which can be equally as important. On-campus organizations like Happy Valley Communications can provide the real world experience you are looking for to figure out if what you are studying is something you’d like to pursue later.

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