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6 Tips on How to Succeed in Remote Classes

Julija Paskevicius, Account Associate

With the transition to online classes, you’ll find yourself getting easily distracted and not on top of things as you usually are. While it’s great to set your own hours and have extra free time, it’s easy to fall behind. Here are six tips to keep you focused and motivated to make the most out of your online classes.

1. Set a Schedule

It can be super easy to fall into a rut of “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow.” You’ll substitute lectures and live classes for sleeping in or watching Netflix, and eventually realize you have half a semester’s worth of material to catch up on the day before your final! To avoid this, go to classes and watch lectures at the same time they’re normally scheduled at. Dedicate certain hours of the day to school and others to relax. Try waking up and going to bed at the same time everyday to avoid the temptation of staying up and sleeping in.

2. Have A Designated Work Space

Your brain automatically connects the room you sleep in as a place for relaxation and rest. Separate your room and your bed as an area to relax, and go to either the kitchen, living room table, or backyard to do your work. If you can’t do that, at least make sure your room is clean and you’re not doing work on your bed. You’ll fall asleep in five minutes if you do. Go sit in a chair near a desk, sit up straight, fix your posture, and get working!

3. Get Ready for the Day 

Don’t wake up for your live class three minutes before it starts, having not brushed your teeth, wearing PJ’s, and on your third day of not showering. Get ready like you normally would for the day. Put on a little makeup, wear a cute outfit, gel up your hair or spritz yourself with some perfume. If you look good, you’ll feel good, and you’ll DO good. 

4. Write Everything Down

Hundreds of emails and notifications are going to hit you everyday, and it’s impossible to keep track of everything if you just rely on your brain to remember it all. As soon as you see an email or a notification from Canvas, take a minute to read it fully and write down its information on a piece of paper, planner, or calendar. Keep your deadlines in check, or you’ll find yourself panicking trying to do the homework five minutes before its due.

5. Eliminate Distractions

Your phone is your productivity’s most evil villain. You think you can control replying to one text, but you really can’t. Before you know it, you’ll check the clock and see you’ve wasted hours on Instagram. Put your phone away! Put it in a completely different room and on a completely different floor. Give it to your mom or your sibling. Have your dog guard it. Put it under the mattress. Hide it in the pantry. Put it in your brother’s sock drawer. Keep it out of sight and out of mind.

6. Give Yourself Recess

There’s a reason we had recess in elementary school. Your brain needs time to recharge. Working too long can make you even more distracted and unproductive over time. Go to your backyard and get some fresh air or clean your room. Do something that’ll recharge you, clear your head, and get you ready to finish some work.

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