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Favorite Classes That I Have Taken at Penn State

Stephanie Libertucci, Account Associate

Just like that, scheduling season is upon us again, and the scramble to figure out classes has begun. Figuring out what classes to take, especially general education credits, can be an overwhelming task considering the amount of options Penn State has. It’s so hard to tell from a short description on LionPath if a class will be a good fit or if it will ruin your GPA. They’re inevitable for all of us and not intended to be a terrible experience so we may as well make the most of it. The following classes were all a great experience for me, and I would recommend them to any student.


Theatre 112 – Introduction to Musical Theatre is a GA class that is a survey on American musical theatre. Now, even if you’re not a theatre kid, this class could still be for you. Everyone has heard about the ever so popular Theatre 100, but personally, I think this class is even better. In THEA112, you talk about more recent theatre and shows that are still being produced today along with getting to go see some shows as well. The best part – the only work you really have is a weekly Packback and a short 2 question quiz at the end of each class. The midterm and final are both online which is an awesome bonus. As a theatre fan, this class was an absolute dream, and I would honestly take it again if I could.


For me, science has never come easy. When looking through GN classes, I was looking for a class that would be as painless as possible, and Science 200 – Science in Our World fit the bill perfectly. SC200 is science for non-science majors, and despite the fact that it’s a science class you never have to do an experiment or write a lab report. The content of the class is also very interesting since it’s a lot of debunking theories and learning about hot topics in the scientific community. Along with this, the workload is relatively minimal other than blog posts.


I truly never thought I would find French history interesting before this class. I took this class to satisfy my international cultures requirement, and I’m honestly so happy I did. French 137- Paris: the Anatomy of a City is all about Parisian culture and the history of Paris from the beginning to today. The content is super interesting, and I really enjoyed all of the lectures. The only catch with this class is that there are quite a bit of readings and some pop quizzes. The workload for this class was pretty heavy for a gen-ed so keep that in mind. I would recommend this class if you’re into history and don’t mind readings, but if not, then it may not be the best fit. If you put in the work though, this class can be awesome.

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