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Staying Active While the World Is Put on Pause

Account Associate, Marisa Cameron

As full-time students at a large university, everyone’s schedule is crazy. Some days you go straight from classes, to your internship, to your job. You’re moving non-stop until all of a sudden, the movement stops. Your job is temporarily closed, your internship’s events are cancelled or moved remotely, and you moved back home during this time. With everyone’s schedule changing dramatically, staying active can be hard but here are some tips to stay active at home during this unprecedented time. 

Take small frequent breaks.

On days when you may have back-to-back classes, sitting in front of your computer screen for hours can be exhausting. During the fifteen-minute breaks in between classes, try getting up and walking around for a little bit as if you were walking to and from class. During the breaks you could get up to grab a snack, refill your water, and just get some steps in before you have to sit down for class again. It may not seem like a lot, but moving your body when you can will help with your motivation and energy levels. 

Do workouts through Zoom or with people that you know.

Getting motivated to workout can be difficult when you’re not leaving your house to go to the gym. Many companies are hosting workouts through Zoom calls which makes it easier for you to be held accountable and actually attend the workout. 

F45 is both posting workouts and hosting Zoom calls for workouts. Planet Fitness has a free daily live stream of workouts on Facebook. Many athletic brands have also started doing Instagram live stories multiple times throughout the week; hosting a workout session that people can join. Many companies are doing this, but two you can check out are Balance Athletica and P’tula. 

It also helps when you have someone that you’re living with hold you accountable. For example, convince your mom or sibling to do the workouts with you. When you have someone else that is counting on you in order to get their exercise in you will be less likely to back out of it.

Get some fresh air.

It could be as simple as taking your laptop outside and attending your class in the sunshine, going for a quick walk around your neighborhood, or playing with your dogs outside. Anything that can get you out into the sun for a little bit will improve your mood, especially during a time when the days run together and you can’t keep track of when was the last time you went outside. 

Set small goals everyday.

Keeping track of what you want to accomplish everyday will help you stick to your goals and make you more active. Every morning when I wake up, I will make a list in notepad on my phone of what I want to get done today and when I want to complete it by. For example, if I want to finish a homework assignment before 11 am. Then I will work on it until I finish it. If I finish it early with the extra time in my schedule, I could watch TV or play on my phone. By putting activities like “exercise” or “go for a walk” in your schedule, you will be more likely to actually do them. Also, by keeping track of what you want to accomplish each day; it will make you more productive.

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