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Tips for Creating an Impressive Ad/PR Digital Portfolio

Account Associate, Colleen Flickinger

As the spring semester wraps up and we find ourselves quarantining at home, now is the perfect time to create a digital portfolio. Here are some tips to help you display your work in a simple and effective way, allowing employers to see that you are the right candidate for any opportunity!

Creating your Digital Portfolio 

While there are many websites offering free online portfolio templates, Adobe Spark is one of the easiest to use. Adobe Spark is free to any Penn State student when you login with your student email and password – no download necessary! With the Spark Page feature you can intuitively create a personalized website with photo slideshows, videos, and embedded links to your work and other websites. 

What to include 

Start by introducing yourself like you would in person. Include your university, major, career aspirations, passions, and hobbies. Add descriptions of relevant experience including jobs, internships, and professional student organizations, such as Happy Valley Communications, and highlight the results of your work. How did sales increase after your ad campaign? How did follower engagement increase on social media after your promotional event? Use the button feature to link writing samples or other documents and websites. Add lots of visuals to keep the audience engaged. You can use graphics that you’ve designed for clients, screenshots of creative brainstorms, social media feeds, or storyboards. Don’t forget to add your contact information, email and phone number, so employers can reach out. 

How to Stand Out

Keep in mind, quality over quantity is important for all aspects of the portfolio’s content. You can add testimonials from clients or supervisors to elevate the strength of your portfolio. You can also match the aesthetic of your digital portfolio to the design of your personal brand. If you have a business card or a creative resume, use the same fonts or color scheme. Most importantly, proofread every section to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Ask a friend to look it over so you don’t miss any mistakes!

Share Your Work

Once your portfolio is complete, add it your LinkedIn profile, and include it when applying to jobs online along with your resume and cover letter to prove you’re someone who goes above and beyond in your work. Your digital portfolio will serve as a one-stop-shop to showcase who you are and what you have accomplished.

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