Shayna Rogoff – Account Executive

shaynarogoffShayna is a senior majoring in marketing. She has been a part of HVC since Fall 2015; her previous clients include tech startups ParkingBee and Visionese. In her final year with the firm, Shayna is excited to be working as an account executive and looks forward to working with her team!

Shayna’s prior experiences include being a public relations intern for TerraCycle, a private environmental company eliminating the idea of waste, and serving as social media chair of Alpha Delta Pi. Additionally, this past summer she was a marketing & sales management intern for Frito-Lay (in other words, if you have good idea for a new flavor of chip, maybe she can put in a good word for you.)

If Shayna were to have a reality TV show, the program would be called That’s So Shayna. The audience would learn several of her cringe-worthy puns and quickly realize she spends too much time and money in Target. After graduation, Shayna hopes to be with a company that values her passions for marketing analytics and social responsibility.

One last thing you should know about Shayna is that she’s not superstitious, but she is a little-stitious. 

Find Shayna on LinkedIn and on Twitter @ShaynaRogoff_26